Welcome to my road trip blog. Let me tell you a bit about myself. First, I will admit to being that crazy lady on travel forums who lists off a five-state road trip itinerary with plans to tackle said itinerary in under ten days, preferably six or so. I am a self-employed single mom of two amazing kids. I grew up on road trips and when I can, I have been taking my kids on road trips.

While some people think of vacation as a time to relax and read a pile of books, I’d rather ditch the reading materials (and the internet connection) and see as much of our country as possible. I’ve read comments that say memories can’t be made in a car for six or eight hours a day, but I can assure you that, oh yes they can…and how! My fondest and most vivid memories of childhood and my teen years were made on the road. Don’t get me wrong, we stopped to see the sights. My dad liked to order the travel catalogs from all the states and when we went on a road trip, he would bring along the relevant ones. We would study them for stops to make along the way. We saw Independence Rock in Wyoming, the Denver Mint in Colorado, the Little Town on the Prairie in Kansas…Pikes Peak, the Grand Canyon, zoos in Cincinnati, St Louis, and Denver. We went to Corpus Christie, the Alamo, Silver Dollar City…we saw so many places as kids. By the time I graduated high school, I had been to nineteen states and in the last 25 years, I have added another 11. I’ve spent the last several years getting my kids caught up with me. They each have 26 states under their belts now and I’m pretty proud of the fact that they have seen so much of the country already and have not even graduated high school. I hope my love of a good road trip rubs off on them, as it did on me.

So without further ado…welcome to my road trip blog. I have been toying with the idea of a blog for a while now, but have been stuck on what to name it…never my favorite part of anything! I think it was a struggle because I wanted this to be a variety blog more than a focused blog, but then one night as I was logging our latest trip into an app I have, I looked at the map with pins covering 30 states and decided “why not just make it a travel blog?” I have a LOT of stories to tell, MANY photos to share, and most of all, I can leave an online legacy for my kids to be able to look back on from anywhere they may be. Along with preserving the memories of my family’s road trips, I would like to provide the kind of information other road trip planners would want to know. I don’t know about you, but I like to know what is worth seeing and I’d like a few pictures too. I’m not crazy about surprises. I like to know things like “On what highway I am going to need a can of Mt Dew to keep from falling asleep due to utter boredom?” I also want to know things like how long a visit someone had and if they should’ve planed more or less time.

This blog will also feature some camping. In 2010, I learned how to tent camp. I have gone from “requires reservations, electricity, running water, and free hot showers” to “walk up sites, bear country, vault toilets…and who cares about a shower if there is a VIEW!”  I will admit, I am not your average camper. You probably guessed that by now. I have no problem setting up my tent in a different location every night for a week…my current record is now seven out of eight nights in a tent…in six different locations. Have tent, will travel! So, along with a plethora of travel photos, road recommendations, and attraction reviews, I will also feature campground reviews and other camping tricks and tips, and possibly a recipe or two.

By now, you are probably thinking I am nuts and that all we do is ride for miles and set up the tent over and over without experiencing any of the places we’ve been. That’s where you’d be wrong! We are hikers too. Obviously, we are not the kind who hike 8-mile trails that take all day, although I won’t rule that out for the future. You will find us on shorter trails that may take an hour or two…maybe three. So many of the websites I found when researching my last trip, featured only the longer trails, which is great, but I’d like to provide more information on the shorter trails. I will warn you though, just because we pick shorter trails, does not mean we skip the strenuous ones!

I hope you’ll join me on this next adventure…on RoadTripThree.com.