12 Road Trip Snack Ideas Your Family Will Love

In our family, one of the highlights of getting ready for a road trip is the trip to the store for our road trip snacks. I don’t like to stop at fast food for meals on the road and if you’re out in the boonies, fast food isn’t an option anyway. We tend to snack all day and have a good meal at night. In no particular order, here are our favorite road trip snacks:

12 Road Trip Snacks Your Family Will Love - Cookie Balls


  1. Monster Cookies: These cookies are mostly oatmeal and peanut butter so we eat them for breakfast. They don’t create a lot of crumbs and all that protein keeps you feeling full for a while.
  2. Cookie Balls: These are another breakfast option for us. With only oatmeal, honey and peanut butter, they are a healthy and delicious option.
  3. Cucumber Slices: I might get some groans from the peanut gallery on these, but they make a refreshing snack to balance out the sugar from those cookies. I slice them and package them into snack size baggies.
  4. Pretzel Sticks: We don’t eat pretzels any other time except for road trips. That pop of buttery, salty flavor is just enough to perk you up. Our favorites come in a bucket from Menards. We just hand these out as needed, but you could pre-package them into snack bags.
  5. Crackers, Cheese, and Summer Sausage: This little combo makes a great lunch on the road and is a road trip staple for us. I will usually pre-package the meat and cheese into servings and we hand out crackers as we go.
  6. Grapes: I grew up getting grapes on road trips so it’s a tradition for me to always have grapes along. They make such a yummy treat in the afternoon, especially when you get back in the car after a hike. I wash the grapes, pull them off the stems, and package them in snack baggies.
  7. Beef Jerky: We don’t eat a lot of beef jerky, but it’s a road trip favorite for us. It makes a good late afternoon snack to tide you over until supper time.
  8. Pudding Cups: These are also an old family tradition from when I was a kid. I rarely buy them otherwise, but they make a great road trip snack. I like to freeze half of these to use as an extra cold pack tucked in amongst the other snacks. If there’s not enough room to have them cold, they can just be tucked in with your crackers and cookies too.
  9. $1 Snack Cups: All stores seem to have these. You can get Mini Oreos, Mini Toll House Cookies, etc. We usually pick up a few of these just for something different to eat. They’re cheap and pack well in the cups. We just open one at a time and share. That way you don’t have to have full-size packages along and open.
  10. Peanuts: This is another of those salty “must have” snacks for the road. I usually just leave them in the jar and pass out a handful at a time.
  11. Mozzarella Cheese Sticks: These are so easy as a road trip snack. As an alternate option, I sometimes buy a pack of fancy flavored cheese and cut that up into either slices or cubes. You really can’t go wrong with cheese.
  12. Gum: I never remember to buy this, but if you’re headed to anywhere with changing elevations, it’s handy to have along. It also comes in handy for keeping the driver awake.

There you have it, our favorite road trip snacks. We don’t eat all of these snacks every day of a road trip. And I never claimed it was a list of healthy snack ideas, but to be real honest, I don’t have a problem with treats when we’re on the road. I used to bring carrot sticks, but nobody ever wanted to eat them unless we had ranch dressing to go with, including me. I’ve thought about trying popcorn, but I really like my popcorn warm and fresh so that’s out too. Sometimes I will make granola, but to be honest, that gets messy in the car. These road trip snack ideas are part tradition, part nourishment, and they just work for us.

What are your favorite road trip snacks? Do you have a favorite that isn’t on our list? Leave your answer in the comments below.

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