Trough Road in Colorado

Road Trip Tip: Don’t leave your old-fashioned maps at home! Sometimes you still need a good map or you’ll end up on a road like Trough Road in Colorado. We left Rocky Mountain National Park and as soon as we could catch a cell signal, we picked the recommended route to I70, Trough Road.

Trough Road
Trough Road in Colorado
Trough Road

What can I say? Trough Road is beautiful! It has everything you’d ever want in a scenic route through Colorado. There were pretty trees and gorgeous mountain views around every hairpin turn. There were even just enough hair-raising drop-offs to keep you awake and the Colorado River made an appearance too! However, one should not embark on this route unless they have the time to appreciate its’ rustic nature. Definitely, don’t take it as a shortcut across Colorado!

While Siri may have thought this was the quickest way to get from Rocky Mountain National Park to I70, I have my doubts. Driving the posted speed limit (35MPH) on gravel around tight blind corners would’ve been exciting for some. I, however, opted to go about 25MPH instead. That’s a snail’s pace when your arrival time is ticking later and later.

So about those maps?

We did have our trusty atlas along. The altitude must have affected our collective brain cells though because neither Joey nor I thought to take a look at the map when we found out the road was gravel. We turned around to go back to the highway, but Siri kept insisting that we “return to the route” so we did. Joey fell asleep by the time I came to my senses and decided to consult the map so he was no help. Megan couldn’t find where we were since there were rarely any signs. With no cell signal, you’ll lose the directions you do have if you try to reroute on the phone, so I opted to just keep going. The scenery was gorgeous after all and we hadn’t seen any crossroads that were paved anyway.

Eventually, the gravel ended and Joey woke up. He consulted the map for other options and discovered Trough Road was actually ON the map. It’s also referred to as CR1. Unfortunately, it was the most direct route at that point and it had magically turned into a paved road, so we kept going. What seemed like HOURS later, we made it to the interstate and now have the tale of Trough Road to tell.

This little adventure was part of our 2017 Colorado Utah Road Trip. The full trip report is coming soon. For now, please enjoy reading about how I decided to start this blog.

Has Siri ever found you a route like Trough Road? If you have your own tale to tell, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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